Why second hand bridal dresses?


A long time ago I was thinking about doing something new, something where I can make other people happy. I really looooveee weddings and everything that weddings include. As I searched for my own bridal dress I didn't want to spend too much money for a dress which I (hopefully) would only wear just once in my life. Now it has been in a garment bag for over 4 years.

I remember when my best friend was looking for her bridal dress, she decided to buy a pre-owned bridal dress (in the end she bought more than one ;) ) It was really amazing to see how many women sold there bridal dresses, for a really good price and all the bridal dresses were in an as good as new condition. 

I love the idea of being helpful to a bride finding her perfect bridal dress even if she has just a small budget. Every bride has the right to look amazing on her wedding day.

Usually I would love to have my own actual shop, but because we moved from Germany to the UK I started here with my online shop. 


I already had the name for my shop which in German is " Herzkomplizin" and so the name Heart Accomplice was developed. It takes a loooong time, a lot of coffee and a lot of investigating to create my Homepage, which is done all by myself (apologies for all the mistakes you found :) ) But I had a vision in my head and I tried to arrange this on this homepage.


The next step was: How would I manage the shipping? To create this special feeling what a bride would have in a bridal dress shop, I designed my own parcel (I saw this in my favorite tv soap). When the most important dress in your life arrives it shouldn't just be in a plastic bag like from Amazon. All bridal dresses are in a garment bag and come with a hanger, everything you need to protect and carry your bridal dress.


I put all my energy, time and love to creating this beautiful online shop to help all brides to be to look awesome on their special day. Ok, this is my passion for the future. 



Heart Accomplice 


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